Intellectual Property Litigation

Since 1991, the attorneys of McPherson Rane LLP have represented clients in Los Angeles and around the U.S. in litigation involving intellectual property.  When possible, the firm strives to protect ideas, copyrights, and trademarks through proactive means.  Ultimately, litigation is often necessary to resolve these types of disputes.

Copyright Infringement

The creator of music, recordings, scripts, books, motion pictures, television programs, and other intellectual property owns the copyright to that property from the moment of creation, whether or not that ownership has been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.  Such ownership affords the creator the right to control any attempt to exploit his or her creation, including the right to reproduce, distribute, produce, perform, and display the work.  The firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving allegations of copyright infringement of all types, including sample claims involving music sound recording copyright violations, claims of substantial similarity of music, and claims involving the infringement of motion pictures and television shows.  The firm also handles cases involving other types of copyright infringement, including apparel copyright infringement involving protected designs.

Trademark Infringement

A trademark is any word, symbol, or design that distinguishes a product or service in the marketplace.  In the entertainment industry, band names and logos are simple examples of trademarks.  Disputes often arise over trademarks when band members separate from the band. The firm is skilled at handling these and other trademark infringement and dispute cases, including cases involving bootlegged apparel and other merchandise.

Idea Submission and Protection Disputes

Copyright and trademark laws are not the only laws available to protect creative works.  The firm handles cases in which a person proposes an idea for a film or television show and the producer uses the idea without giving credit or compensation to the creator.  In these cases, a lawsuit may be filed for breach of implied contract.  These cases are complex, and may be very difficult; however, the firm’s attorneys are extremely skilled in these types of cases, and have represented plaintiffs and defendants in many such suits.

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