Crisis Management & Coordination

Musicians, actors, actresses, and others involved in the entertainment industry often face unique crises that put them, their loved ones, their reputations, or their careers in serious danger.  McPherson Rane LLP has the proven ability to use its knowledge of the law, its knowledge of the industry landscape, and its vast experience in crisis management to guide clients through crises safely.  Since 1991, the firm has represented entertainment industry clients in Los Angeles, the U.S., and worldwide in these very sensitive matters.


Managing Crises Efficiently and Effectively

Effective crisis management and coordination requires more than knowledge.  It requires the ability to adapt to often surprising or startling situations, and devise creative methods for addressing them.  A crisis may involve legal components, publicity components, personal and family components, and more, all of which the attorneys at the firm are prepared to address.

Examples of crises that require careful management and coordination include:

Stalkers: In addition to taking immediate and decisive Court action to obtain temporary and permanent nationwide restraining orders, the firm combats and manages stalkers by working closely with the Threat Management Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department and other law enforcement agencies to contact, neutralize, and sometimes apprehend the stalkers, in order to prevent further contact and stalking activity.  The firm often consults with the stalker’s family and mental health professionals in order to better understand the history and motivations of the stalker, with the ultimate goal of obtaining maximum protection for the firm’s client.

Injuries and fatalities: Although the firm does not specialize in personal injury law, our entertainment clients often have to deal with serious injuries and deaths, at concerts and elsewhere, resulting from fires, crowd surges, insufficient security or barricades, and other causes.  In those instances, the firm often supervises a team of publicity, insurance, legal, and management personnel to protect the artist as much as possible on all fronts.  In addition, the firm represents its entertainment clients and other high net worth individuals in connection with complicated insurance claims arising out of serious automobile accidents and other accidents and fatalities, as well as civil cases relating to DUI’s.  In many cases, the firm will supervise insurance counsel in connection with such claims, while ensuring that all available insurance coverage is utilized.  Many of these cases involve publicity components that involve the defense of the client in the all important court of public opinion.

Paternity actions: Occasionally, a claim will be made against a firm client that the client is the father of a claimant’s child.  In fact, though rare, a claim may be made against a female client that the claimant is the father of the client’s child.  When such a claim is made, the firm represents the client vigorously in order to protect his or her rights, addressing the issue of DNA testing and more.

Sex tapes/Nude photos: Celebrities continue to make sex tapes and take nude photographs, and the media continues to want to publish them.  The firm has had considerable experience successfully stopping numerous sex tapes and photos, by obtaining injunctions in Federal Court against internet websites and other distributors that have threatened to publish or distribute our clients’ sex tapes and photographs.

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